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Beauty Starts From Within

Beauty Starts From Within

The Beginning of byAVA

I started byAVA out of a need to share my mom’s antioxidant-rich, holistic recipes with my audience. She is a living example of “JELLOSKIN,” a term I coined to illustrate the importance of internal nourishment to maintain plump, resilient skin. Growing up in Korea and China, I was surrounded by ancient herbs, superfoods, and fortunately, my family’s secret traditional recipes that have been passed down through generations. Upon moving to the United States for college, I noticed how my health and energy levels were on a decline. My skin and body began longing for my mom’s homemade tea elixirs that provide inner and outer nourishment. Today, I am determined to bring her intentionally curated beauty elixirs and concoctions to your kitchen so we can all experience how food can be medicine and a catalyst for beauty.

Every ingredient in these elixirs has a specific purpose and when combined, will help you glow from within.

이너뷰티 byAVA 谢谢!

I coined the term “JELLOSKIN” after celebrity facialist, Lord Gavin complimented the amount of collagen I had in my cheeks, comparing the plumpness to the texture of Jell-O. Collagen is essential for healthy, resilient skin because it provides the strength and elasticity needed for our skin cells to adhere to one another.

However, JELLOSKIN is about much more than just boosting collagen. It is a lifestyle practice, a belief that inner beauty is reflected on the outside. I’ve created an acronym to break down all that JELLOSKIN represents:

‘J’ stands for the “Journey.” This is not an overnight change.
‘E’ stands for “Eating.” Balanced meals are key to inner health.
‘L’ stands for a “Lifestyle.” It’s not just skincare, our approach is holistic.
L’ stands for “Laugh.” Encouraging you to move your facial muscles and enjoy life.
‘O’ stands for “Old does not mean bad.” You can age gracefully with plump skin.

JELLOSKIN Begins In The Kitchen

JELLOSKIN Begins In The Kitchen

Get JELLOSKIN at home
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